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... enlightening the darkness with portable, rechargeable two-in-one
lamp and power bank made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles ...

Trash on Beach


Over 600 million PET bottles are used in Jamaica each year according to the Recycling Partners of Jamaica. Many of these bottles end up polluting our environment, endangering our marine life and ruining this treasure we call home.

In 2017, the city of Montego Bay was ravaged by flooding. Blocked drains made the flooding worse resulting in businesses, vehicles, and even hotel rooms being flooded out. The post-flood assessments showed that 47% of the garbage found in gullies and drains were plastic bottles. The Mayor estimated that the cost of the damages to be approximately $1 billion dollars. 

The proliferation of plastic bottles and their subsequent improper disposal endangers life and property.



... can provide lighting for up to 24 hours and dual lighting and charging for up to 12 hour s before needing to be recharged.


It was conceptualized by Noel McDonald while he was still in high school. He and a team from the Montego Bay Community College entered the Diamond Challenge.


The team won the local phase of the competition and with help from Next Gen Creators, teachers and mentors they place second in the international phase of the competition.



Get the USaveR

The USaveR is available for purchase. It is available in a variety of colours at a reasonable price.

Support the Movement

We believe educating the youth is an important part of behaviour change. We are working to forge partnerships with schools to promote and facilitate the collection of plastic bottles and upcycling.

The USaver 2.0

We are researching a new solar version of the USaveR to be even more environmentally conscious and enhance access to power for persons who live in remote communities. Follow us on social media @paradisecare to watch our journey or contact us to support via mentorship or funding.



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